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Michael Moore served with subpoena

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Filmmaker Michael Moor revealed on Thursday's "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno that the Bush Adminstration had served him with a subpoena regarding his recent trip to Cuba made as part of his new film, Sicko.

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Comment by Rosemary Farbman
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Well did u think they were going to do anything different??? No of course they are going to harras you. You are telling the truth about our goverment. In which we all feel the same way ,but we all just go about our life and not do anything about it Just let the goverment continue to do what ever they want because they are our goverment. I say Good for You Michael Moore!!!!!!! Our goverment continues to live high of the hugg while the american people struggle everyday just to pay there bills. Our health care is horrable in this richest country in the world. You walk into a docters office and they dont care what is wrong with you,all they care about is do you have health insurance??? The sad thing is it is not just health insurance. We work our butts off until we are 68 years old ,68 that is all most 70 years old we have to work so we can maybe have 6 or 7 years of not working and maybe getting social security. Its really sad and agian i wil say good for you Michael Moore I just hope they dont torment you s bad that they wont allow you to continue to do movies on the truth about what really goes on.