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Bush Likely to Claim Executive Privilege to Prevent Karl Rove From Testifying Before Congress

• Associated Press International
Thursday is the deadline for Karl Rove, Bush's top political adviser, to provide testimony and documents...

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Comment by David McElroy
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Among the deceitfully distorted "dirt" dished by OppoDepot against Ron Paul, we find that his success in the internet polls is a reason to delete him from such polls. It was admitted that Paul's supporters were not cheating, just getting out the vote by informing others. I thought the whole point of elections was to "get out the vote"! Instead of deleting the obvious winner, Ron Paul, shouldn't the pollsters be asking why other campaigns are failing to get out the vote for their candidates?
The rest of the fabricated complaints lodged against Paul show just how far the opposition has to go to stretch the truth to slander the most honest man in Congress, a great man of integrity with a sterling record who truly stands for the people instead of the oligarchy. The attempt to tar Paul as a racist were especially disgusting and transparently dishonest, using some comments on factual information out of context from a twisted perspective. They fear Ron Paul's honor! They are desperate to shut him out!