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Report: GOP Presidential Debate in Iowa

• Reuters
Republican presidential contenders waded into a Democratic foreign policy row on Sunday, and argued over how far the United States should go in striking terrorist targets abroad.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Wow. Ron Paul gives an strong anti-war, bring the troops home now as his opener, and the crowd erupts with cheers drowning out the boos! Who was in the audience? Republicans? Iowans? How were they selected?

Oh, the irony. Do they ask the only healthcare worker (doctor) on the panel about healthcare in America...ah, no. What a surprise. Wow, Rudy managed to answer a question without bringing up homeland security, 9/11 or terrorism.

It's the Rudy and Mitt show. Good. Give 'em all the rope they need to hang themselves.

The only problem I have is ignoring Paul on the healthcare issue, ends up leaving him looking like a one-note candidate against the war, and nothing else.

Ooooh, Rudy, looked good on the bridge-national infrastructure question. Interesting the attacks on the Democrats started at the beginning, and popped up here again. Glad to see RP focuses elsewhere.

This would have been more fun at George & Dragon later in the day.

McCain points out Cheney cuckolds Bush!! Funny.

Ron Paul shut out on Taxes in Iowa...again.

Well, didn't see anyone killed by this debate, but Mitt took some flack on his abortion hypocrisy. The minor candidates did nothing to improve their positions that I can see. So I suspect some will drop out after the straw poll.