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The War Criminal in the Living Room

• by Paul Craig Roberts (AntiWar)
US Navy aircraft carrier strike forces are deployed off Iran. US Air Force jets and missile systems are deployed in bases in countries bordering or near to Iran. B-2 stealth bombers have been refitted to carry 30,000 pound "bunker buster" b

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Comment by William Shaw
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A reply to Bobs' comment,
What prompted you to be on this web site ?
Your response to this article was completely negative, which is your right, However it only proves your ignorance of facts, proven and documented daily on other free sites.
If a majority of Americans are as ill informed ,
we as a nation of freedom loving people are in
a heap of trouble.
The only way we will survive is if everyone seeks the truth and spreads it around, and informs the
non thinkers too buisy with there selves to be concearned with their own government and world affairs which do determine what kind of existance
awaits us. Please investigate, before making an ignorant statement. I pray for your benefit, you will take this advise to heart and the way it is offered.

Comment by Bob Weitzel
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Is the writer a Muslim Extremist?? Sure sounds like one.