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Police Report: Case of the Salty Burger

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Bull told cops she accidentally put too much salt and pepper on the hamburger, but since managers had been concerned about waste, she "had gone ahead and used the hamburger." [A copy of the police report is included.]

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Comment by William Shaw
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There have been recorded cases of foreign objects placed in food when law enforcement is ordering. This has them cautious. However not cautious enough, or they would bring their own food. This has been a way of getting even for what has been unjust harassing or arrests as preceived by the culprit.
My openion is, from the time they have left from foot patrols and knowing the neighborhoods,to patrolling in vehicles, they have lost contact with human behavior,thus resulting in a click of their own isolation and indeferrence of everyday problems of the public.
Remember the time they were our friends,and they were known as Peace officers ? We told our children to seek them out for help and protection.
Now the Supreme Court states they are to enforce the law, and have no obligation to help you and me ! Their attitude now has caused us to
wonder why they think we are the enemy ?
They have changed, We haven't !