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Man Arrested At Rosh Hashanah Prayer Meeting

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- A group of about 100 people in Central Florida claim they were harassed by deputies during a Rosh Hashanah prayer service that ended with an arrest.

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Comment by William Shaw
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Number 1, Conflicting views
#2, conflicting interests
#3, Accuracy in reporting
With info available, were there Sheriff deputies involved instead of police ? If so why ? They are the only ones elected by the people and are sworn to protect our Bill of Rights. However the police are appointed and have no such obligation.
Was the vehicles an obstruction to emergency vehicle and traffic ? If so they should have moved them and continued their prayers, God has never been in a hurry and would hear them. Safety first !
Or the law enforcement agency could have shown a little mercy and waited until after prayers then ask for vehicles to be moved.
Was this really an essential action because of a
complaint,or was it a ploy of someone for further acts of destroying liberties ? Future actions by those who need an excuse to fuel the fires of tyrrany