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Police reject candidate for being too intelligent

• Ananova

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Comment by William Shaw
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This proves the point of seletive hireing practice, the same happened to me after my return from my tour of duty in Korea.I had the highest score in all tests.
Only those who are macho,and have ego problems need the badge and gun to prove they are superior to the average individual who thinks for themselves.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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This happened in Connecticut in the mid 90**Q**s. The guy sued and made the argument that the police force feared smarter officers that might question unconstitutional orders.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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I remember the mid **Q**90s when this was widely reported for Connecticut (I think it was Connecticut). But the guy sued and lost I think. The argument then was the same by the government but many forwarded the view that the more intelligent officers couldn**Q**t be counted on to follow orders in questionable circumstances where individual rights were being violated.

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