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John Stossel special on healthcare airs tonight

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Comment by William Shaw
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Here we go again !
The lowdown on it all, first, the pharmacutical industry keeps gullable people sick, the MD**Q**s
do the same via prescriptions,who get a kick back for doing it.
The advertising industry gets their share by their constant bombardment of propaganda.
The news media accept sponsorship & get their cut.
Just follow the money trail, you will be suprised how it all works.
Then, take care of yourself with herbal remidies,they worked before the first quack started grinding out drugs
The bottom line is,none are able to heal with priscription drugs.(ask them) No MD will state he CAN heal you. The only way they can stay in buisness is to keep you sick and coming back for more.
I know, I never go to a doctor or take any drugs,I have fought cancer and won with herbs.
God stated he made the herbs of the fields and the leaves of the trees for healing. A Proven fact.
Why do you think these people want the government to control vitamins & herbs, Profit !!!

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