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Keyes announces he's a candidate for President

• WorldNetDaily
After two previous runs for US president, former Reagen diplomat Alan Keyes has announced he's again seeking the White House in the 2008 election, and he'll take part in Monday night's Republican presidential debate here.

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Comment by William Shaw
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More and more useless canidates who are in this to split votes, so an excuse can be made of votes being taken away from real winning canidate when false voting totals tell of loss.

Comment by Fred Shoemaker
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Mr. Keyes is nothing more than a mouth piece for the NEOCONS.

Compared to Ron Paul he is a midget in Constitutional knowledge and individual freedom.

I know Dr. Paul is a Christian that does not wear his beliefs on his sleve like Mr. Keys.

I believe he is CFR and a plant to hopefull take away Dr. Paul's momentum.