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Non-voters finally have a good reason to vote


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Comment by William Shaw
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Ron Paul sounds good,
However after many, and I do mean many years of reflection, I have discovered, what am I doing?
Am I really so stupid and brainwashed that I no longer think for myself ?
Why would a sane man or woman vote away their independent freedom to allow another person to have the authority to tell me what I am allowed to do,to not do, and when and where to do it ! ?
This is one of many brainwashing angles we face every day. This is propaganda we have been taught from birth and still ignorant enough to believe.
God gave us a brain, let**Q**s start using it ! We are capable of knowing right from wrong, and we are able to determine what is good and bad.
It is obvious,we know we are better off when left to our own inititives and solve our own problems to our benefit. We did it before there was a government, and after one was formed. Why do you really think , Westward Ho ! was so popular ?
Because the people wanted to start over without the interference of rules and regulations.
Think about it ! We are capable of governing ourselves.

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