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News Link • WAR: About that War

Patrick Daniel Tillman

• by John J. Smalanskas (LewRockwell)

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Comment by William Shaw
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Well done, Not only Pat, but every military individual who has criticized this war & government has suffered or will suffer the same fate.
I am a Korean combat Vet. & it took me years of investigation to realize the futility of being a Patriot while in the armed forces. The results of so called friendly fire, which is mis named., was never heard of then. This has become a common excuse for CIA Black Ops. to cover their elemination of descenters before it explodes into a military rebellion. This would really cause chaos in the back rooms of secret meetings w/ Kissinger and his cronies.
How many times have I prayed the public would wake up and tell their ignorant children the truth about war, and the profit it creates for the evil elite.
If the patriotic children would only stay home to
defend this country from the rabble in washington,
it would make a safer USA.
All the wars, declared by Congress or not, from the first ww. to the present have been to profit these slime at the expense of our loved ones and what they may have become. Not just a memory !
Every recruting office should be shut down, and recruters banned from public schools.
There are enough old warriors to educate and train stay at home Patriots for the battle ahead.
This is true defense of our country.
Without the aid of enlistees, and a draft, this government would fall as fast as the twin towers they destroyed.
Then we could rise like the Phoenix from the rubble and create a new and rightious Government
backed by the Bill of Rights, without an esoteric Constitution that gives these evil an opertunity to exploit to their advantage.

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