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Presidential hopeful Ron Paul sees crises ahead for country

• Seatlle Times
Texas Congressman Ron Paul said America is approaching an economic and constitutional crisis due to growing debt, bad trade deals and assaults on personal liberty. Even if he won the presidency next year the problem would be beyond what he alone coul

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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I am shocked! Shocked!!!! That you would make these disparaging attacks on the CONstitution on CONstitution Day.


Comment by William Shaw
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Not to take any thunder from Ron Paul,But he is to be corrected on a few things of major importance.
We the people owe no debt this government has agreed to ! If anyone owes it, lay it at the doorstep of the Congress and the Senate.
They and they alone have the power to coin money and to determine the value ! If through their ignorance , laziness to act, or treason, or any number of reasons for transfering their power to the Illegal federal reserve (a private central banking system, Jackson warned us about.) which is neither Federal or a reserve, but a manufacturing cartel of counterfit money making called paper, with no backing of gold or silver, money created from thin air and worthless !
In fact, every denomination made is an IOU from them to this stupid government who states, it's our debt and has the nerve to put it up on neon lights and in the news media to remind us.
What brass,! If you borrow money do you think I am obligated to pay it ? Think again !
A message to Ron Paul, Scrap this old government, ignore the people in it, and create another government based on the Bill of Rights.
The Constitution opened the door to this mess, so ditch it. ! Forbid any old hangers on from ever being involved in government, if you want one. I don't !

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