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Waging "war on terrorism" 30 squares at a time

• Reuters

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Comment by William Shaw
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This new commander is no diffrent than any other who has lost his capability to think for themselves.
Like all brass, they toe the mark, or as the plea at Nuerinburg trials, **QQ**Just doing my job !**QQ**.
This is no longer a valid excuse for crimes against man. Each and every individual is responsible for their actions !
The pathetic reality is, the lower ranks are always the scape goats,because the higher ranks can state ,that order was never given by me . They usually escape punishment if they go with the flow.
I have no doubt the lower ranks have been threatened with courts martial or prison if they refuse to obey orders.
This Base should not have been an illegal concentration camp for SUSPECTED anything !
This is NOT how a freedom loving country operates. Only a well established dictatorship can flurish this way. So what do we have ?

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