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Suppose Paul Wins

• by Jim Davies (Strike the Root)
Ladbrokes is offering 40 to 1 against Ron Paul winning the White House so true believers in the Paul campaign might do well to pony up a grand then pocket a handy $40,000 in November next year. That is one benefit of a Paul victory. But what else?

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Comment by William Shaw
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Jim Davis, Women have a choice to keep their legs together or seperate them. They do not have a choice to murder the results. They must accept the responsibility of their actions
Just because an unlawful act by the so called Supreme court makes an abortion legal, why do we convict murderers and execute them,or send them to prison for years ? Even in cases of rape,
(some are an excuse and questionable) we have adoption services. No sane person would advocate abortion,another play on words for murder.
As for back alley abortions, this the nature of a guilty mind at work,to hide the evidence of a wrong decision. As long as imorality exists, there will be evil to cover it. It is a decision which leads to greater evil,and endless guilt follows it.
Your evaluation of this is worse than the crime itself.
About your idea of freedom, none of us have experienced this great wonder in our lifetime,for we have never tasted it. Why not let us try it out and we will let you know how it feels to really be free. To do as we wish, as long as we do no harm to another or their property. This is freedom.
Imagine if you will, the tremendious strides we would be capable of, with a clear mind not cluttered with government propaganda issued by controlled media. Travel without rules and regulations other than common sense to guide us.
You may be suprised at the results of trusting people to live by common sense standards.
This alone would eradicate taxes imposed upon us without benefitting us.
The criminal element would not exist when we have once again started to carry arms for self defense and able to go to the aid of another.
Other nations would take this into account and think before mooving against a free people.
This would cause the need for police and other law enforcement to vanish. The right to take the law into our own hands is even quoted in the Holy Bible. Don't think for one moment we do not have that right, just because idiots say we don't. This was the ploy of the police state at it's inception.
Law enforcement & judges play an extortion game with the public plain and simple. They have never prevented any crime !
Think again about true freedom, and what itreveals. Peace aand prosparity.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Is Mr. Davies possibly confusing Ron Paul with Ross Perot? Maybe a refresher course in history might help.,_1992

Comment by Powell Gammill
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In case you were wondering about the Nock reference, here it is:

Isaih's Job

and an important comment upon it,

Whither the Remnant?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I agree with Jim Davies in his article. There are two major issues I disagree with Paul on, and the CONstitution has clearly failed to contain the federal government it created, so it is not going to contain it later on if it were even possible to roll back the beast to its CONstitutional limits. That said ...

Ron Paul is clearly the first freedom candidate we have had who is making inroads on rallying the remnant as Albert Nock wrote about. And it is tie to rally them as the US government is coming to the end, and something far worse will now overtly unclothe itself soon. The dollar will collapse completely. The iron fist shall rule. There will be no pretense of the rule of law. There will be a brief period of anger and disbelief when Americans must choose to continue to be led (which I suspect likely) or rebel.

Ron Paul is the last chance to modify this course, or at least demarcate the paths ahead.