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Don't ask him about lobbying

• Miami Herald
Fred Thompson tells his life story on the campaign trail in about a half-hour and a dozen or so roles: farmworkers' son, graveyard-shift factory worker, teenage dad, prosecutor, Watergate Republican counsel, accidental actor, US senator. Missing

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Comment by: Party: Jeff Fisher Send Email
Entered on: 2007-09-20 03:41:30

John Kerry is afraid of Jeff Fisher, the Democrat that ran against Congressman Mark Foley that year.

Reason why!!!!

I , Jeff Fisher found out the absolute truth to the theft of the 2000 election and September 11th 2001 on July 27th 2004.

The two words that drive me to continue in the quest for absolute truth are BayPoint School.

I also have two other words that make me determined to have the entire world now the absolute truth, whish is two words also, that is Jesus Christ.

Comment by: Party: Jeff Fisher Send Email
Entered on: 2007-09-20 03:52:40

Now I asking the world to know that Freedom is What I am all About.

Since this is a site dedicated to freedow and Phoenix I recommend reading more abut me at
Arizonia site

Just do a search for my name Jeff Fisher

I am now in NYC and I am going to free this nation for all of you.

Google Jeff Fisher World Peace

The youtubes are written comments

Please read and react to get this conspiracy
fully exposed.

My writing is JeffFisherPeaceMaker

Comment by William Shaw
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Lobby ? Bribe ?
This one act has nullified all votes by the public.
Money talks votes walk. The greedy march on with perks and pockets full, while you and I wonder why they are so greedy to take tax payers money for doing a job they don't do , and yet have their hand out to lobbiests.
What suckers the US public turned out to be !

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