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RFID heading to cell phones

Can't decide if good or bad. Maybe having readers in the hands of the populace will finally show people what is really being tracked. Or make RFID more cool & prevalent? Publisher's note: It'll be bad when you can't turn them off

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Comment by Hyman Crippen
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Hey publisher, this is the real thing to be afraid of, not microchips! Everybody now carries cellphones vountarilly, and they can be covertly tracked to know your location. They can even act as a "bug", broadcasting your conversations- even when you think it's turned off!

***I DID A TEST***

By completely enclosing your cellphone in metal, a Faraday cage is created, and no radio waves can get in or get out. I found that aluminum foil, folded to be almost airtight will work. Also, a small metal box with a lid, like the classic Band Aid boxes work well and are more convenient.