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The Totalitarians Among Us

• by Thomas J. DiLorenzo (LewRockwell)
One of the most insidious effects of the neocon takeover of the Republican Party is years of neocon propaganda seem to have created a large, critical mass of totalitarian-minded, blind followers that comprise a large part of the GOP "base."

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Comment by Paul Weber
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The GOP has always been the party of huge centralized government and "business-government partnership" (that is, fascism). This goes all the way back to the first tyrant, Lincoln. The Republicans in the late 1900's got us involved in wars of imperial expansion (most notably the "splendid little war" against Spain). The neurotic tyrant Theodore Roosevelt instituted "progressive" legislation that made life easy for established businesses against aggressive, efficient newcomers.

Richard Nixon instituted a host of regulatory programs that increased central government power (EPA, "revenue sharing", OSHA).

Bottom line: the rare times in history when Republicans have actually called for less government intervention (Robert Taft, Ron Paul) have been exceptions to the rule.

This is not to say the Democrats haven't "me-tooed" the Republicans, but just to point out that the Republican Party is no place for freedom-loving people.