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The Adventures of Citizen X: "Experts"

Throughout history, rulers have used the intellectual elite, the opinion formers, to legitimize and, thereby, solidify their power.

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Comment by William Shaw
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The cult of black robes,
Abrotherhood of men & women who pretend to dispense justice equally among an obedient public, while picking their pockets.
Creating law enforcement for their benefit & protection, to insure a steady income for themselves and their protectors.
Claiming it is for our protection and the protection of our property, which is totally false and imposible ! They are unable to protect anyone, and only act after the fact.
Recent decision of the Supreme court states , law enforcement is to enforce laws & have no obligation to protect citizens.
With gun control measures they eliminate convenient means for self defense.
An occult brotherhood could not be more obvious than the present system of judges and law enforcement
Our God given rights of persuit of happiness & prosperety are obstructed ,and will never be realized because of this many armed tentacles of deception and theft called the justice system in America.