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Cop caught on tape threatening motorist is fired


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Comment by Rosemary Farbman
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My brother was shot in the back bye a arizonia police officier and amazing enough the police officier got away with it because the only one that can sue is a wife or a child or a parent.Being my dad is dead and my mom is 80 no lawyer wanted to take the chance of her dieing before the case was settled. Now how sad is that!!! So Officier Roberts got away with shooting my brother in the back and killing my brother. Now threw this all i have learned that they lie and get away with it, But now I am going to find away to put the tape that i have of the whole incident so that the people can see and make comments,,,

Comment by Rosemary Farbman
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Good for you. Its about time someone caught these cops on tape. Im glad this cop lost his job, he should. They think that they are above the law and can do what ever they want becasue they are police officiers. Hats off to you...

Comment by Morpheus Titania
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thats why we need video... to protect us from the police. I would like to see the cop brought up on criminal charges and be tazered for good measure

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