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The Killing of Carol Ann Gotbaum? by Becky Akers

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Comment by Rosemary Farbman
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well im so sorry for the loss of this familys daughter but NOW maybe they will investigate this police department. I hope these people go after Phoenix police department.

They shot my brother in the back and all they did was lie about most of if....They said the reason they shot him was becasue he was holding agun to his companion of 17 years and had her in a headlocl when exiting the RV. Lie #1 I have the video he never had her in a headlock and never had a gun to her..The police wrote me aletter and said also that he had police a bay with gun Lie #2 In the police report it says Did michael ever threaten you police officier repied NO... So why is that they shot him in the back??? Whyis that ther polcie shot him when teh police officier did not have his ear piece in and could not here his speriors telling him to HOLD UP HOLD UP HOLD UP three times it was said and the police shot him anyway...They got away with murder. Well ihope for this family they go after the police and they finally get wht they deserve.....Im so sorry for your loss and i know how you feel,,My sympathy

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