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Marshals investigate potential threats to the nation?

• Homeland Stupidity
Satire became reality Friday afternoon when half a dozen armed federal agents wearing body armor showed up at this author’s home and detained everyone in the house for nearly 90 minutes to determine who might pose a threat to the government.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Who are these "Marshals"? Let`s put their faces on telephone poles for all to see,especially their children and neighbors.
Lets have a look at the type of person that is willing to kill any American they are told to kill.
Lets take off the mask these Nazi Cowards ware when they commit these horrible crimes against humanity.
Who are these COWARDS?
Stand Up you SOB`S and show your face to your family.Show your children what it is you do for a living and tell them about your plan to KILL KILL KILL and that you are GOD.Go to your childs home room and have a "Show & Tell",make you CHILDREN proud of their Father/Mother/Brother/Sister.Go today! Please send us the video of you standing in front of a class of children telling them how you will Kill Americans if you are TOLD TO.Yes!! Make you Children NAZI BASTARDS..YOU SHOULD BE DEPORTED OR HANGED FOR TREASON..AT LEAST.

Comment by William Shaw
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Typical scare tactics !
When are these robots of government going to wake to the fact , they are being used, and will be discarded or worse after they have secured the new world order dictatorship.
The elite will have no place for them in their inner circle. Knowing these robots have betrayed this nation,they realize the robots can NOT be trusted .
The public will certainly NOT trust them,so where does that leave the robots ? Worse off than ever,& no place to call home !