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Stop the Depleted Uranium Poisoning of America

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Comment by William Shaw
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First of all, this government is NOT ours !
Second, the populace has been under seige from aircraft spewing toxins from the time of Johnson.agent orange contains the highest and deadliest toxin known to man.
The same has been happening from the time of Clinton who opened American air space allowing high flying aircraft to dump more toxins on our soil,water and food,contimnating the air we breathe in the process.
The governors of each state have the duty to stop all this distruction by the Federal Government,but turn a blind eye to it all.
They are as ignorant children , claiming to be helpless against this wholesale murder, even though they as well as their children and grand children will suffer in the most hideous way.
I have been reporting this type of evil for over15 years with little response.
American citizens have been dumbed down through the news media,and TV garbage, and Hollywood propaganda movies.
Most are too involved with just eeking out an existance with the extortion from the Justice system and it**Q**s protectors,Law enforcement,along with the IRS, BATF,CIA,FBI,& Homeland Security,
Not to mention the devaluation of the dollar
How about the borrowing done by this government, while the Presidents pardon debetors to this nation and give money away to others.
During their time in office everyone of them create a conflict with other countries which wish us no harm, even if it was possible for them to do so.
You are a witness to the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda in progress
The 10 planks of the Communist manifesto will aid you in understanding what is going on. All except one remains to be accomplished, They have NOT taken our guns yet, but are introducing Bill after Bill to accomplish all 10 planks.
Hawii, you are not alone, it just feels that way !

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