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2,002 died in police custody in 3 years

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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The Supreme Court has determined, law enforcement have no obligation to protect people, they are to enforce the law!

Truer words were never writ.

From advising our children to seek a policeman for help, to

...informing on your family members for their own good.

Comment by William Shaw
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To protect & serve, WHO ?
The Supreme Court has determined ,law enforcement have no obligation to protect people, they are to enforce the law ! No matter if that law violates the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights.
What does this tell the public ? From peace officer, to law enforcement in a few short years.
From advising our children to seek a policeman for help, to run away as fast as possible for he will put you in jail,beat you up, or kill you and lie about it to save his own neck.
All this has evolved because of government grants to law enforcement for military equipment as SWAT and with this comes the aggressive mind set against the average citizen. This creates the image of you and me as their enemy. Now we cringe each time we are stopped for any reason by law enforcement, for we know it will end up costing us our money, freedom, or our lives.
We should never have to fear the police or any law enforcement agent. When this happens, we have a POLICE STATE !

Comment by Rosemary Farbman
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it does not surprise me, the police kill alot and alot of the time it is not justified.but it does not matter becasue they get away with what ever they do.
the phoenix police shot my bother in the back and killed him. They say the reason they shot him is because he was holding his live in companion of 17 years a hostage with a gun to her head while exiting his rv. Untrue never did he ever have a gun to her or holdingher as a hostage, they also said he was hlding police at bay witha gun . Untrue in police report said did michael ever threatn you ,all police said NO....The they told the press he was told to drop his gun and he would not. I did not see any gun in his hand whil he was walking down the arizonia free way from 7th street to 19th with the police walking with him...In all repoorts it says my brotehr was trying to talk to the officiers But the POLICE said they could not here him becasue of all the noise with the helicopters. SO how did my brother hear anuything that they said to him???

I watched the full story on video my broterh never hand this womeb in a headlock when they exited the rv they hugged and kissed and walked down the freeway for a long time with the police bye his side...He never threated anyone But they chose to shoot him in the back and kil him. Then come to fin out that the only one whom can doa wrongful deathsuite is a wife or child. He did not have neither aand my mother is 80 years old and they were afraid that god forbid she passed away while thy were in the middle of the case they would not get there there you have it, its all about money and pwer and my broterh was a know body to thm so they get away with unfair

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