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Presidential Candidate Calls for Ending the IRS


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Comment by Brock Lorber
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Oh, has Ron Paul echoed the Huckster**Q**s call now, too? ;)

Actually, the more I think about it, both Paul and Huckabee have been saying **QQ**end the IRS**QQ** since the beginning, but Huck**Q**s message has been buried in his support of the Fair Tax. As far as I know, this is just the first time he has been explicit about it.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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# 1; Arkansas is not in the **QQ**Deep South**QQ**.# 2;Ron Paul has already taken that position on the IRS.
You have just lost many voters in the Real Deep South because you obviously believe you can make such stupid statements and we will believe you...WRONG!!!
Good Bye huca-hillary.
Brock Lorber: You should have said that **QQ**Another Republican**QQ** said we should end the **QQ**IRS**QQ**.
I see that you are also on some **QQ**Nazis**QQ** payroll.

Comment by Antonia Litsinger
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That is so funny! Another Ron Paul wannabe! Or maybe he**Q**s just campaigning to be Ron Paul**Q**s VP?? Huckabee of all people! I wonder, though, just how would he then fund this war in order that our country **QQ**saves face**QQ** by not losing it? Hmm.

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