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Jaywalking in Tucson

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Comment by Brock Lorber
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Tyger, you are correct in noting that, by leaving the United States, a person would no longer **QQ**be**QQ** in the United States. What you**Q**re missing, though, is that **QQ**being**QQ** in the United States (even in undocumented status) is not an illegal act.

Having said that, **QQ**being**QQ** in the US in an undocumented status is sufficient evidence that the illegal act of crossing the border has been committed. That offense cannot be erased simply by going back across the border (in fact, as you pointed out, recrossing at other than a border checkpoint doubles the offense).

The point of the article was that IF **QQ**being**QQ** were an illegal act, then a person who committed the actual illegal act of an undocumented border crossing would always be in an illegal status because the border crossing cannot be undone. Such a person could not shed the hypothetical illegal status of **QQ**being**QQ** by crossing back to the country of origin any more than a jaywalker could shed his hypothetical illegal status of **QQ**being**QQ** by crossing into another nation.

Comment by Tyger Gilbert
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There is a critical flaw in the logic of this article. It starts out comparing jaywalking to speeding and illegal parking, saying you can undo the speeding by slowing down and you can undo the illegal parking by moving your car, but you can**Q**t undo the jaywalking by crossing back to the other side of the street (in fact that doubles the infraction). It then says that crossing the border illegally is like jaywalking, and once the person is on this side of the border, this infraction cannot be undone. What the article fails to point out is that an alien being in this country without proper government authorization is illegal, too. This is something that CAN be undone, so crossing illegally into the US is more like speeding or parking in a no parking zone. The person can simply go back to his own country and he is no longer an **QQ**illegal alien**QQ** here. Crossing into the US with proper authorization would also remove the **QQ**illegal**QQ** status, just like driving at or under the posted speed limit or parking where parking is allowed. Whether the government is properly doing its job of authorizing aliens to legally enter this country in a timely manner, or not, is really the issue that should be questioned.

Comment by Bruce Barton
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This brilliant UoA student is a credit to the thousands of dollars their parents are forking over for their education. Equating crossing an international boundary without permission of the host country with jaywalking in Tucson.

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