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New terror threat is real

• Newsmax
The Dept of Homeland Security is tracking a serious terror threat to the US, Newsmax has learned. Charles E. Allen, chief of intelligence at DHS, would not disclose details of the threat. But his office focuses on a wide range of threats to the hom

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Comment by Bruce Barton
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Be Afraid, the Boogey-Man is coming... The threat is real because we say so ... and we always have told the truth ... Newsmax is selling the Neocon Fear formula ... which is odd because if anyone saw through the bull sh*t you'd think Newsmax would because **THE BORDER IS STILL WIDE OPEN** ... and until they seal the border, DHS remains our worst nightmare.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Comment by Brock Lorber
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I can see you shiver with antici-