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Ten Most Dangerous Organizations in America

• Family Security Matters

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Comment by William Shaw
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Not sorry to say how wrong you are !
Southern poverty law center, ADL, Morris Dees,American Communist Party,Womens Lib., Abortion Advocates, Zionist Jews,Congress, Senate, The Supreme Court, All Federal Courts, Bush ,Cheney,Rumsfelt, CFR, World Bank, Federal Reserve, IRS, BATF, Homeland Security,DEA, FDA, CONAGRA, FHA,AG, and others who go along with unjust laws,and dictates, such as police, state patrol,sheriff, Texas Rangers, city & state governments.
Just to name a few !

Comment by Maggie Richards
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Would someone explain to me how all these organizations like **QQ**Family Security Matters**QQ** use the Nazi sounding names? Homeland Security also comes to mind! Jackasses like the author of that despicable article are hate mongers, plain and simple.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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CodePink is dangerous for wanting peace at all costs and not caring about Iraqi women**Q**s rights? Do people really believe this drivel? How much would peace cost anyway - I**Q**ll bet a lot less than war.

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