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Comment by Brock Lorber
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The sheer quality of frankdogg**Q**s video is so far beyond the high school drama club **QQ**he**Q**s catching on**QQ** ad that it**Q**s not a fair comparison. (I like the **QQ**he**Q**s catching on**QQ** video, btw, but the production quality is embarrassing).

Now, imagine that a program goes to a two-minute commercial break. Frankdogg**Q**s video for the first :30, a one-minute commercial for HeadOn (that commercial really does go directly to my forehead), then another :30 of, **QQ**Who the hell is Ron Paul? I**Q**ve never heard of this guy! What am I missing?**QQ**

It**Q**d be like two thirty-second exposures to a **QQ**Ron Paul R3VOlUTION**QQ** banner, but with sound!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Yah, yah. You didn**Q**t like the first NH commercial. You have to tell voters why they should vote for you (positive ad). You have to tell voters why they should not vote for your opponents (negative ads). The first commercial is NH residents telling why they are supporting Ron Paul. Weak. Inoffensive. But not the end of the earth for a first start. I, like you, and not convinced it will attract enough attention for anyone to really get the fact the there is some soft, warm and cuddly guy named Ron Paul running in the election. Also they need to be inserting Republican in there because that is the primary he is running in.

As for this commercial posted on Youtube it is intriguing but IMHO not especially satisfying in its ending.

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