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Prosecutor threatening jail for parents who refuse mandatory injections for their kids

• Washington Post
The parents of more than 2,300 Prince George's County students who failed to get forced vaccinations could face fines of $50 a day and up to 10 days in jail if their children don't meet immunization requirements, county officials said yesterd

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Comment by Don Cordell
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We have Americans who don't believe we are under a Conspiracy attack. Where are our freedoms now? Forced Medication, chemicals injected in to our water system, now forced to get vaccination of questionable health risk.
As young as 8 years old I started rebelling against "It's for your own good" Now I'm almost 82, and still watching out for my own good, and healthy at that. I would not be pushed around, I stood my ground, and I hope those parents will do the same. The citizens could start a recall for the judge, and not put up with this. This was a free nation, lets keep it that way. I'm here to protect you when you decide to dump Obama.

Comment by William Shaw
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With a little research, you will find all vaccines have mucury,aluminum,and other heavy metals,plus a lot more harmful additives which cause the immune system to mal function.
Hepititus B is not needed for small children, this is for HIV patients,it's doubtful that infants and pre teen's need these poisons.
Tell the judge and the social services people to take them in your presence, see how many do ! NO one has the athority to tell us what to do with our children or our bodies !
Stand up for your rights or you will have NONE !

Comment by Ed Price
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Looks like it is time for the PTA to exercise their strength.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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"Johnny, this is so for your own good that we are willing to kill you parents if they resist us."

"Gee, thanks Mr. Attorney General!"