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Bush repeats 'Third World War' warning in German TV interview


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Comment by Barbara Peterson
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I remember in grade school, where we played the same sort of game. We taunted our playmates in the very same way that Bush Jr. is taunting Germany and the world leaders.

This statement: **QQ**You know,**QQ** he said, **QQ**if you want to have a Third World War, you need only drop a nuclear bomb on Israel.**QQ** by Bush Jr., is the carrot - here is Israel, we dare you to bomb her and start the war we all want. The U.S. government and the Israeli government have absolutely no regard for the citizens of their countries. By dangling the carrot, he makes a case for war, which is what the world leaders want to line their corporate pockets. In other words, here is Israel, go ahead and bomb her so we can get on with our highly profitable war. This will also solve the population problem by getting rid of the useless eaters. We will just barricade ourselves behind walls with our private armies and watch them all kill each other. What fun!

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