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Mother Jailed, Put On Trial for Curing Her Son of Melanoma

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Comment by William Shaw
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This is a threat to the all powerful pharmacutal ind. who control the medications (alchemy ) and provide the self rightious M.D.s with their drugs for profit, and the hell with healing !
As long as they can keep you sick, they have a guranteed income !
Ask any M.D. if they can heal you, they will not say it, or state some reason that you must take their drugs if you expect to get well.
Our creator God made our bodies with an immune system to heal ourselves, they know this, and they know their drugs will destroy that immune system and they will be able to continue dispensing diffrent drugs to counteract the side effects of those they prescribe, thus, a continuing income while they hide the symptoms without treating the cause !
God stated : The herbs of the field & the leaves of the trees, I made for healing ! This is the true healing of our bodies even when we have taken prescription drugs.
This is why this government is trying to control herbs and vitamins, Pharmicutical co.s and MDs give big money to the treasonous Congress & Senate to inact laws to their benefit, NOT OURS !

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