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Do we really have the right to petition government for redress of grievances? Not in Oklahoma

• Free Paul Jacob

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Comment by William Shaw
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In response of comment, DUH !
If they haven**Q**t ignored the so called Constitution & Bill of Rights, why would they be threatened ,or actually be inprisoned ?
Does this not nullify these documents ?
Does this not nullify our Right to partition ?
They have ignored this right,and choose not to let us be active in this type of protest.

Comment by John Crabtree
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In response to the previous comment, the point of the story is not that they ignored the petition, it is that they are trying to imprison these peopl for 10 years for collecting the petition.

Comment by William Shaw
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We have a right to petition, BUT, the fallicy of many of the articles in the Constitution such as this do NOT mean this Federal government has to reply to our petitions.
Investigate and you will discover the way the so called founding fathers phrased the wording in this document,gave all the power to the central government.
Why do you think Patrick Henry gave us the Bill of Rights to counter the ploy of the Federalists ?
The Federalists including Geo. Washington wanted a powerful central government, they even wanted to make him King with unlimited power by one man .!
Read true history ,and not the garbage they teach in public schools !

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