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We Have Free Speech in America, Right?

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Comment by William Shaw
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From the so called (witch hunts) of Sen. Joseph McCarthy to the present, we have experienced these types of un constitutional laws to suspend freedom of speach as well as other rights of freedom loving people.
This was started by the communist manifesto 10 planks to American domination after they murdered McCarthy in his hospital bed and the commie congress and senate had enough power installed at the time to pass a law which forbid any persicution of communist activity or their members. This opened the doors to total control of this government by the communist infeltraitors..
Proof, the bible in public schools was no longer permitted.
No religeous symbols allowed on state, federal or public property.
Gun laws were flooding the states & voluntary confiscation w/ compensation were introduced,afterwards, the compensation ceased,and confiscation continued.
Drug laws were introduced to confiscate more property as well as weapons.
Seat belt laws were passed for more control and another way to steal our money.
Insurance covering uninsured drivers were forced on the public as well as liability insurance for ourselves, making the insurance Co**Q**s confident of always having an income at our expense.
The pledge of alligance was no longer admissable in public schools.
Law enforcement took on the apperance and attitude of Gestapo agents with the public as the enemy.
This government became the aggressor in all military conflicts around the world ,and took over where Russia failed in Afganastan.
We have been unable to be a victor in any and all conflicts this government has initiated,only because this government refused to allow a victory
even though our military was winning. This started with Truman calling the troops back to 38 parallel after they were at the China border and all of Korea was free.
I could continue ,however it would take a library to tell all the treasonous acts of this evil government and I do not have the space.
The question remains, what are we going to do about it ?, and when ?

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