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Matt Sterns, McClatchy News prints Ron Paul is a Liar.

• McClatchy News
[You all deal with it now!] In an anti-NAFTA radio ad that's airing in Iowa, Ron Paul denounces "powerful elites" who "want to completely erase our borders with Canada and Mexico. Lower Paul's reputation for honesty by

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Comment by Ed Price
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The NAFTA highway(s) is not being built under the auspices of NAFTA's legal structure. It is being built under a coordinated effort of whichever government agencies have the legal authority to see that highways are built. The reason behind such coordination, and the effect of it, will be a highway that will be exactly the same as any so-called highway NAFTA highway would be.

Comment by William Shaw
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This article is good for a day in court and compensation for Ron Paul as well as those who tell the truth.
This rag sheet should be labled as such as well as the idiots who work there.