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Flu shots & 3 new vaccines now mandatory for New Jersey preschoolers

New Jersey State Health Commissioner Fred Jacobs approved the requirement for flu shots and three other vaccines for school children starting September 1, 2008, over the objections of parent groups.

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Comment by William Shaw
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Vaccines contain-Formaldehyde, Aspartame,Mercury,Aluminum hydroxide, Aluminum phosphate, thimerosal,,polysorbate 80 (tween 80 ),gelatin act HIB,ammonium sulphate, washed sheep RBCs, Live virus, Microbial contaminates, Hydrochloride, coal tar Vesicle fluid from calf skin, HbSAg cloned into GMO yeast, chick imbryonic fluid,Human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue,Monkey kidney cells,Calf serum, Rhesus monkey fetal lung cells,and fetal diploid cells,

source-Vaccine Liberation Information

Comment by George Zacpal
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New Jersey has an autism rate well above the national average. Adding more vaccines is just plain insane. If vaccines work so well, why are they being mandated? If vaccines work so well, then why are our children sicker than ever before in history? Vaccines should be an option made by parents, it should never be mandated by some idiotic politician or government beureaucrat.