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Mike Huckabee and the Christian Dominionists


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Comment by Ed Price
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Outside of religion itself, possibly the most important aspect of any country, nation or people that wants to be considered to be Christian, is for its leaders to follow the mandates of the agreement that they swore to uphold by and in their oath of office. Adherence to an oath that they have sworn is primary and basic to any person who claims to be Christian.

In the USA, the Oath of Office that is required by ALL government officials, is their solemn oath to uphold the Constitution of the USA. To uphold the Constitution doesn**Q**t mean to physically lift a piece of paper with the words of the Constitution written on it above their heads with their own two hands. What it does mean is to carry out the principles and tenets set forth in the Constitution that they swore to uphold.

If you want to see which presidential candidates are upholding the Constitution, or which government officials in general, simply compare the laws and government operations he/she supports to what the Constitution says about such laws and government operations.

Anybody who takes an Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution, and then does not do what he swore to in his oath, cannot be a real Christian. Rather, he/she is a liar, and a traitor to his country and the people who are trusting him.

See in a legal dictionary:
Oath of Office
good faith
bad faith

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