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'Test tube universe' hints at unifying theory

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Comment by Ed Price
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How the Theory of Evolution Destroys Itself or
The Paradoxical Impossibility of the Process of Evolution

Even if Evolution had been a reality, here**Q**s what would have happened.

Since Evolution is always striving to advance life, the next step in man**Q**s evolution would be a being with advanced mental, emotional, physical and spiritual attributes and capabilities.

Einstein tried to develop the Unified Field Theory, an equation that would encompass and join electricity, magnetism and gravity. Such an equation would virtually become the answer to all the mechanisms and operations of the whole universe and all the dimensions, including time. Einstein and others after him have failed to understand math, and the operations of the universe, sufficiently enough to be able to develop an accurate Unified Field Theory.

An evolutionally advanced man would not only be able to develop the Unified Field Equation (it would no longer be a theory), but being an advanced man, he would also be able to effectively manipulate and use the Unified Field Equation with and through his advanced mind and advanced emotions, directly, without the need of any kind of computer or machinery to effect such manipulation.

Since Evolution, if it existed, would have taken billions of years, such a thing as Evolution would be an impractical thing to an evolutionally advanced man. He would, therefore, manipulate all time and physics and energy and dimensions of the whole universe with his advanced mind, using the Unified Field Equation mentally, to eliminate Evolution (without eliminating himself in the process). He could do this because the very nature of the Unified Field Equation would allow him to do so. What this means is that Evolution would never have existed.

What would result would be a thing something like Creation – a thing where all the rest of the people, people who were not evolutionally advanced, would be brought along towards such advancement at a rapid pace. And it would not happen through an evolutionary process, but it would happen through a different process, one set in place by the first advanced man. Since the criteria for the **QQ**safe**QQ** advancement of billions of people is complicated (safe from those among them who would destroy the others, themselves and the whole universe by attempting to revert to an evolutionary type of universe that never existed in the first place because it was truly made to never have existed by the first advanced man), it will not be dealt with in this brief writing.

The fact that the community of scientists and theorists who are working on explaining the universe through evolutionary models, have been unable to come up with even a plausible theory of evolution that comes anywhere within a million miles of fitting all the known scientific facts, virtually proves that evolution most definitely could not have existed.

Perhaps we should turn to the other community of **QQ**scientists**QQ** and **QQ**theorists,**QQ** the ones working on trying to discover any revelations that the advanced man may be giving us now, in his advanced way. After all, since the universe still exists, that first advanced man is probably not a destroyer of universes, or else we would not be here to discuss it. Rather, it is evident by the fact of all the joys we have in life (among the troubles) that even though we try to break the laws of the universe he has set in place, he is still patiently bringing to an advanced state all who accept him and his perfect advancement of themselves.

So, now that we know that evolution never existed, and why it couldn**Q**t have, practically speaking, what**Q**s next?

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