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Drivers face $3.50 gasoline this spring

• Reuters
U.S. consumers will pay record prices for gasoline this spring, with national monthly pump costs peaking near $3.50 per gallon when the busy driving season begins, the government's top energy forecasting agency said.

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Comment by William Patriot
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Done by the shadow government (CFR), members of the new world order of G.H.W. Bush & son cartel to destroy the USA and it's people !
The do nothing congress & senate will allow this because they have been bought & paid for .
They could care less as long as they are allowed to give themselves a cost of living raise & give the public the crumbs that fall from the table.
Everytime this government gives a little , they take a lot, which ends up with us having less than we had before.
The prices of everything goes up when fuel goes up,no purchase is exempt !
We will either starve, or freeze, or both, if we do nothing about this government which is no longer ours !
The question is, will we ? When ?
It is up to each and everyone of us !
No one can expect Ron Paul to do it all !
This dictatorship must cease NOW !