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NH Fails America And Its Live Free Or Die Motto

• by Mark Yannone
As the US careens over the edge of a cliff into national bankruptcy and economic depression by declaring war on its own citizens, those whose motto is "live free or die" have chosen fascist warmongers to be their presidential candidates.

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Comment by valentine m smith
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New New Hampshire motto:

Live socialist and die.

Comment by Hawkeye
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flash!!! it has been proved: Americas young want to go to war for the next 100 years and Kill,Kill,Kill.
"On Tuesday, the youth vote revived Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz"
So say`s;" Allie Lowe, The Dartmouth Staff".
It`s funny,not one of the young people I know,have any desire to go to war..not one.
It is so;New Hampshire" is a Communist State,without a doubt.
I live in NC.We don`t want the "New Hampshire" voters are not welcome here,"New Hampshire".Send your own stupid kids to war,not ours.