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Ernest Hancock on 92.3 FM KTAR's Jay Lawrence Show in Phoenix Tonight at 7pm

• KTAR - Jay Lawrence Show 92.3 FM
"Is the Ron Paul Revolution Over? Ernest Hancock on the death of the Ron Paul Revolution. When should Ron Paul drop out? Is his presence hurting the campaign. What has Dr. Paul added to the political debate, anything? We'll talk about it.

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Comment by Mikester
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As a witness to the train wreck that was this radio show's call-in portion, I can vouch that Jon's call was pretty much the only coherent, on-topic comment that was made.

Unfortunately, like Brock, I missed the actual Ernie part. :-(

Comment by Jackson
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I missed it, but I called in later... twice.

I was called a puritan once per call and even
got compared to "the first guest" (Ernie)

My second position was along the lines that can't
we call McCain a conservative when he votes like a
liberal (sited the Amnesty plan and No Child Left
Behind) WHEN he gets around to voting.

He wants to continue the spending over seas
when we have a dollar crisis. He's supposed to
be this hot shot economist, but he didn't know about
President's working group on financial markets is and
all he did was name drop. I told him that I'm not
interested in a name dropper as a candidate.

I told him that all of these candidates are talking about
all this spending, but they're not talking about the root
of the Federal Reserve. He told me that I had to just
accept it and stop trying to change what I can't change.
I informed him how Un-American that is. The I reminded
him that Jefferson was against the banks and Jackson
put an end to the Bank for 75 years. I also reminded him
that a central bank is the 5th plank.

He let me talk for a while. It was great.

Comment by Brock
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Crap. Pacific v. mountain time strikes again. .mp3?