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Does Obama Hate America?

• Asia Times Online; by Spengler
A "Fellow Traveler" is how is mother was described by those who knew her. To those old enough to remember that phrase, it was how young idealistic Marxists referred to each other in an era in which Communism was feared. His wife only this

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Comment by GilaRiverRider
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Can people change from the environment of their youth? Perhaps, however generally the imprint left during the first dozen years, followed by puberty remains with most people all their adult lives.

Abandoned by his father when he was two. A mother who cared more about her ideology (Marxism) than her son or family. Spending four years as a strict Muslim. Later, raised by his maternal (white) grandparents until high school graduation. And finally, educated in the finest institutions of higher education under the affirmative action programs of the 70's and 80's and strongly exposed to the politics of radical black power.

How can this foundation not influence his world-view? He is good at saying nothing while using many words. Hitler was likewise good at raising the hopes of a people before they learned the true price of his leadership.

Shall we make the same mistake?

Comment by Catherine
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OK and I will do this. I have sent out other things to people about various candidates all along. Most people think he is just wonderful and swoon.

It is HIS POLITICS that scare the H out of me!

Not his color, his background, his religion, etc. People can change from how they were raised or what their parents were. WHAT he really stands for Constitution wise, what he WANTS to do in the name of MY LIBERTY and MY MONEY here in our REPUBLIC!



Comment by GilaRiverRider
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I submitted that, and once a long time ago I met his mother. You see, some of my high school teachers overseas were, "fellow travelers" and I remember first hand the ideology they espoused - although I was too young to know what they really were. Please, share this article far and wide. This candidate comes at the wrong time for our Country. The damage he could do would make GWB look like an amateur. Especially, think of the "tools" that GWB is leaving in the possible hands of this man. Obama may be the finest creation of George Sorros ever.

Comment by Catherine
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I have been listening to alternative internet radio. NEWS that you will not hear otherwise. Reading various websites as usual.

The same crowd that worships at the altar of GW Bush thinking that he is what GOD wants is the same "type" - different side that is following this O man. Jim Jones kool aid drinkers who THINK that some "man" is going to save them and their country just because he purrs out words to the sheep. They lap it up like kittens with freshly poured milk. I heard HIS words and his wife's. BUZZ key words... very Commie sounding to me. Gee, I wonder what they will give up being wealthy while they stick it to the MIDDLE CLASS who keep getting the shaft? They will be protected because it is liberals like these and their ILK who always keep what they own... just like trust fund babies. UGH.

I would not be shocked if this was another WOLF in sheep's clothing.

Bush does not love this country. Bill and Hill sure don't. McCain... another wolf. Huckster is a Huckster if you follow him and his career.

Same old - same old.

VOTE Ron Paul.

Catherine - Montana