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COUP ALERT: The FED is taking over Wall Street

Ron Paul is going to go nuts when he hears about this.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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And! Let`s not forget the "POW"papers that John hid from the American people.
Why would someone hide such papers? ha ha,we know why he,aka,(Song Bird) hid the "POW" papers.
I can not,for the life of me,understand why these papers where not mentioned in the so called "Debates".
Have the candidates been threatened by "Big Brother"?

Comment by Hawkeye
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Ron Paul should challenge "Brenanke" and "SongBird" to a debate along with Obama and Clinton.
The topics should be the Economy,and a sound dollar,and how each would deal with it.
In order to be part of this debate,everyone mush lay their records AND HIDDEN PAPERS...ON THE TABLE.For all to see.