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False abuse claim investigated in Texas polygamist raid

Texas Child Protective Services says it launched a raid on the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints compound in good faith after receiving an anonymous tip from a 16-year-old girl named "Sarah" who said she was being a

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Comment by Powell Gammill (1004)
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So let me see if I get this strait. Raids on a Texas polygamist ranch were instituted based upon the false calls of an anonymous complainant claiming to be 16 year old girl in Texas who was calling long distance from Arizona.

416 children are currently separated from their parents. In the tender care of the state. A judge justifies possible sex abuse of the children as the reason, despite only the claim that only girls 14 years and older fit into that category, yet the state cannot allow the mothers of the majority to have their terrorized children back. And each child is to have a mandatory DNA sample taken, along with all other members of the church. Best care on the planet.