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Maxine Waters Calls for Nationalization of US Oil Companies

• Mondoreb
The heads of U.S. oil companies completed the second stage of their Congressional Big-Oil-Bash-Athon yesterday by answering questions from largely-economically illiterate congressmen–and women. Maxine Waters (D-CA) led the charge.

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Comment by Rich Ness (13855)
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My God! This woman is about as lost as a camel in Alaska. Listen closely: THE OIL IS COSTING MORE, BECAUSE YOU, THE CONGRESS, HAVE ALLOWED THE FED TO DEBASE AND DEVALUE OUR CURRENCY, PERIOD!!! Did you get that? If the dollar was worth more internationally, and you crying fools would allow expansion of extracting OUR OWN natural resources, oil prices fall. Where did you learn economics, you freaking dolts...