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Ron Paul planning parallel convention to send GOP a 'strong message' in Minneapolis

Paul's supporters are really "looking to build a national organization that is going to run at a grassroots level, be organized at a precinct level, and to identify candidates to support," Benton said, "real constitutionalist candi

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Comment by Ed Vallejo (5272)
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Brock - I think you are confusing Benton with Dondero..... ; )

Comment by Brock Lorber (11655)
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I'm so darn independent-minded that I take offense at Benton declaring what I won't do. I've a mind to be told what to do just to prove him wrong! :)

Comment by Ducati Jeanne (13897)
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"But, Benton added, Paul's supporters are independent-minded and aren't going to be told what to do."

Ernie said what? I love it!

Comment by Ducati Jeanne (13897)
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Ernie, I love ya! I think Ron Paul HEARD you the other night and low and behold......we are going to Minneapolis to the campus of the University of Minnesota! Yes!

P.S. I wanna make signs! I volunteer to make some "special" ones! Sign me up.

Comment by Chip Saunders (1007)
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Well, well, well!!! Seems the mainstream media is choosing to cover this! Just saw it on the main news page at Yahoo!