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McCain disavows aide's comment about terrorism

• AP
A top adviser to John McCain said another terrorist attack on U.S. soil would be a "big advantage" for the Republican presidential candidate, drawing a sharp rebuke Monday from both the presumed GOP nominee and Democrat Barack Obama.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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John McCain is a lying,two face,Nazi,and,he has not one good bone in his failing body,yet he will destroy America along side his many supporters.
America will have it`s ass kicked by John McCain.America,the 'Home of the Brave" dosn`t have enough "Brave" in them to stop a 'Low Life",Pathetic Traitor like McCain...who can America stop,...NOBODY!!!
America can`t even stop the "MSM",and people like "Pachyderm Ear Karl Cameron.
It`s over for you America,aka,."Home of the Brave".
John McCain.....what a joke,yet he`s kicking you ass.
I can`t wait to hear all of the sorry excuses America will make when thousands of your young men and women die in John McCain`s WARS.....Bomb Bomb Bomb...Bomb Bomb Iran.