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Is the Inflation Scare Over?

• Michael Shedlock / Mish

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AUSTRIAN ECONOMIC DECEPTION Inflation **QQ**an increase in money and credit**QQ** The Fed never lied in saying their system **QQ**works only with credit.**QQ** or when they said **QQ**the actual process of money creation takes place in commercvial banks.**QQ** Money then IS credit. Prices can rise if banks stopped creating money (credfit), If people keep using the credfit that they have while banks stopped creating more, prices could rise. The honest definition of inflation is non production accepted for production. Credit is non production, credit IS inflation. If the press has headlines about inflation, the story below will be about prices. If the headline is about prices, the story below will be about inflation. They must keep most of us believing that prices are inflation if they are to control; all of us with inflation, fear, lies, illusions, disease and amusements. **QQ**If governments should refrain from regulation....the worthlessdness of the (imaginary) money will become apparent and the fraud upon the public can be concealed no longer.**QQ**
--Economist, John \Maynard Keynes in the Economic Consequences of The Peace (1920)
In my Encyclopedia of Banksterese,, Economic Euphemisms anD Reality, economics is **QQ**the art of convincing people that they are paid with paper and enslaving them with it**QQ** while an economist is **QQ**one skilled at calming the sheep while they are being shorn.**QQ** The majortity must be kept amused, confused and defused at all costs while the cost is born by the slaves thmselves. This site is not mine and contains no advertizing:

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