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Video of Cop Assaulting Cyclist at Critical Mass Ride

• Gothamist
This is an unbelievable example of brutality. Two cops standing in the middle of the street. The cyclist is obviously moving to avoid an accident and the cop literally knocks the guy to the curb!

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Comment by Ed Price
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Notice that the cops are simply doing their job of monitoring traffic. You can see this clearly when the cops first are seen on the video.

Then, notice how the one cop looks up the street a ways. It's like he sees the cyclist coming from some distance away and starts moving from his middle-of-the-street stance to intercept him.

Maybe the cyclist had knocked someone over up the street. Or maybe the cop recognized him from some previous encounter.

Notice the cyclist when he comes into view. He speeds up his pedaling, like he knows the cop is moving towards him for a reason, and that he is hoping to get past the cop, knowing that once past, he will be out of danger, because the cop probably won't chase him on his bike.

It's in the body language for the both of them.

The cop certainly endanger the cyclist's health inappropriately. And his push could have harmed a bystander.

The cyclist may have been trying to get through, using the bike ride as cover. But it seems more logical to think that if he were wanted by the cops, he would have gone a route where there wouldn't have been any assigned for a special occasion.

I would say that the cop probably had a legitimate, short term reason for what he did - the cyclist had harmed a bystander or done some property damage up the street. Or maybe the two had had trouble in the past.

But the cop's methods were definitely way off base even if the cyclist was guilty of something. He should have at least tried to wave the guy down before he tackled him.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Someone should show this to the cops kids,neighbors,preacher,mother,father.
Who hires the comi bastards,giuliani?

Comment by Morpheus Titania
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gosh I wonder why this never makes it to the Lame Stream media?

Comment by Brock Lorber
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