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Bolivian Is an Uneasy Ally as U.S. Presses Drug War

• NY Times
The refrain here in the Chapare jungle about Americans is short but powerful: “Long Live Coca, Death to the Yanquis!”

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Comment by Ed Price
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Among the reasons government outlawed marijuana and its associated plant, hemp are:
1. Large quantities of alcohol can be made from grown hemp so that there would be no need for big oil;
2. The medical benefits from using marijuana would eliminate most of the need for medical drugs (which are far nastier), thereby destroying one of the major industries of slavery and control worldwide, the pharmaceutical industry;
3. A benefit of using marijuana is that it can cause certain mental stimulation like nicotine does, bringing about moments of genius in an average non-genius type person - such genius might destroy the control government has over all of us, by waking us up to our options.

In addition, the stuff grows reasonably well just about anywhere, so there wouldn't be any any problem for folks having all that they would need if they wanted to grow it.