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Naomi Wolf: A Coup Has Taken Place

• KEXP 90.3
The District Attorneys have the power to arrest Bush, and it MUST be done immediately. According to the Blueprint, Naomi says, the time is now... The bailout WAS the Coup.

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Comment by Ron Moss
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For Ron Paul to be named Sec. of Treasure, we need to elect Chuck Baldwin for President.

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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As much as I dislike Bush, I dislike the VP even less. If Bush is taken out the pic we have Dick C waiting to take over where GWB left off. If shotgun Dick goes down we have Nancy P next. SHUDDER!!! And a big YUCK!!!!!!


Comment by Mike Shipley
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Arizona's US District Attorney is Diane Humetewa, here is her Wiki bio:

She has 4 branch offices in Arizona: